A week in Our Puglia

Crafted for you

An experience in Our Puglia is all about what you do and the people you do it with. Our job is connecting people, traditions and culture in a mix of emotions and sensations that will touch you and will make you feel the vibe!

Live the deeds of the Emperor Frederick II through a theatre masterpiece in a Medieval castle. Romantic and passionate.

Make your own mozzarella from hot water and curd with a local expert. Absolutely mind's blowing

Walk in Roman piazzas enjoying amphitheatres and fountains, or hike panoramic coastal trails, sensing the perfumes of one of the most diverse natural flowers variety of the world. Inebriating.

Dance tarantella just like locals do, once pinched by the salentine spider. Aphrodisiac.

Cook just as a Mediterranean Chef with a Pugliese Mama and glean the secret recipes of the healthy local life. Knowledgeably.

On two wheels among millenary olive groves and vineyards, just relaxing in a dolce promenade or challenging yourself for a ride. Exciting.

Plan now


Start living Italy's best kept secrets imaging what you could do in a typical week time in Our Puglia


9.30 AM – Walk in the old town
Our guide will not just take you around to see churches and palaces, they will make stones and icons live around you.
5.00 PM – Wine Tasting
Visit to a local canteen and discover how our wine is made and exported nowadays all over the world..


9.30 AM – Bike Ride
Gathering with your bike leader and ride-supporters for an active morning in the silent and blooming countryside of Puglia. Burn a few hundred calories looking forward to the next culinary attraction.
4.00 PM – Mozzarella Making
A local family will open the doors of its house where a dairyman will be ready to show you how to make your own pugliese delight out of hot water.


9.00 AM – Hike in a Natural Park
Wake-up earlier this morning and get some comfortable apparel. Just remember to drink a little and often to stay hydrated. Enjoy one of the most scenic trails of all Italy.
5.00 PM – Theatre performance
An actor’s company will take you into a Theatre masterpiece inside a Medieval Castle and you will live the history like never before.


9.30 AM – Ceramic Lab
Our Region preserves centuries-old craft expertise and today we will let you discover its secrets. Have fun with with soft clay and shape your own pottery memento.
5.00 PM – Cooking Class
Doors open at a fortified farmhouse where you can make your own bread and then taste it at lunch with genuine home-made dishes.


9.00 AM – Olives Harvest
Once autumn arrives in our land, countrysides and towns become one big laboratory of “Puglia’s Gold” production. Take part in this amusing experience and deserve your own bottle!
5.00 PM – Wine tasting
In the last decades, Puglia’s wine has become more and more sophisticated. Join our world-class winery crew to discover how this miracle has come true.


9.30 AM – Picking up wild herbs and liquor making
From mirth to fennel, from laurel to pomegranate, Our Puglia is rich in wholesome plants that you will be able to turn into liquors and other delicacies.
7.00 PM – Dinner with a local family
Dinners here aren’t just about food, they are rituals. So what better than dinner time to communicate that mutual sense of culture sharing? This is what we mean for living Our Puglia.

As natives, the knowledge Our Puglia offers to you is invaluable.

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